eeBag was established in 2005 summer. It is not only an enterprise logo, but also a product brand. At present, the primary product of eeBag is computer bag. eeBag is marketed at three major target groups including students, office workers, and females. It provides various styles, such as schoolbag, case, backpack, fashionable, and casual styles, to fit different preferences.
Furthermore,due to the recent bag market trend, eeBag is designing  sports bags this year.
eeBag , also known as exploitation-electronics Bag, is creative, with free styles and various selections. It is designed for organizing electronic products with various styles, such as backpack, casual, and fashionable styles. Due to the fast growth of electronic products, eeBag initiates to develop new items to organize other electronic products, besides laptop computer. Moreover, eeBag also keeps developing creative products with different usages to fit market trend and satisfy our customers.
The mission of eeBag is to design creative, varied, and free style bags for electron products. It brings lighter, practical, brainchild bags to consumers with acceptable price. The bold and unique designs of eeBag challenge current recognition of computer bags and further provide innovative bags to customers.

 continues with the theory of
                  " Bag your e-life... to live without limitations! "


ADDRESS:184, Fu Tien Lee, Yuan Li, Miaoli Hsien, Taiwan. R.O.C.
TEL:886-37-745889#116; 886-37-747196

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